The new integrated Mn and P-tester from SpectraCrop

A unique tool to optimize plant vitality and growth

The new and updated model of the handheld SpectraCrop Mn and P sensor is able to reveal both Mn and P deficiency in one simple measurement, directly in the field.

  • Optimization of Mn and P fertilization is pivotal for maximizing yields and product quality.

  • Even transient and mild Mn or P deficiency may lead to significant yield losses.

  • Most frequently Mn and P deficiency at the field level occurs without distinct leaf symptoms and is never discovered.

  • With the new integrated Mn and P-tester, we measure directly on those biochemical key-processes being dependent on Mn and P and you will get a precise indication of deficiency, long before it is visible to the naked eye.

  • Acute deficiency is subsequently treated by foliar application of Mn and/or P directly to the crops. The effect of the treatment can be recorded after just few days using the integrated Mn and P-tester.

  • Besides the measurement of bioactive Mn and P in plants, you obtain a set of important readings to characterize the photosynthetic efficiency and performance of the crop – these parameters predict the general fitness and vitality of the plants.