The new P-tester from SpectraCrop

A unique tool to optimize plant vitality and growth

The new hand held device from SpectraCrop can detect P-deficiency by simple measurements directly in the field. At the same time valuable information on the general plant vitality is obtained to optimize yield and quality.

  • Phosphorus (P) deficiency is a major problem in crop production, and even transient and mild P deficiency may lead to significant yield losses.

  • Most frequently P deficiency at the field level occurs without distinct leaf symptoms and is never discovered.

  • Existing methods to optimize P fertilization of plants are based on classic soil extraction analyses, which inherently are inaccurate and do not provide accurate estimates of the P availability at the field level.

  • With the new P-tester, you measure directly on the physiological processes in plants, being dependent on P as a substrate, which provides an accurate indication of whether the plant requires an additional P supply to support these processes.  

  • With the new P-tester you perform the measurements directly in the field and within seconds you obtain a reliable measurement of the bioactive pool of P in plants, and on this basis the requirement for additional fertilization is determined.

  • Besides the measurement of bioactive P in plants, you obtain a set of important readings to characterize the photosynthetic efficiency and performance of the crop – these parameters predict the general fitness and vitality of the plants.