Mn and P-measurements with the integrated tester


The Mn and P-tester measures the performance of photosynthesis, so first of all we need to “stop” this process. This is done by mounting a clip on the leaf and then close a small shutter on the clip. The spot to be measured on the leaf is now being “dark adapted” and prepared for the analysis by the Mn and P-tester.
The leaf must be dark adapted for a minimum of 25 minutes, to ensure that photosynthesis is fully “stopped” and ready for the measurement. Before the measurement takes place, make sure that Bluetooth connection between the Mn and P-tester and the SpectraCrop app is established.
After the dark adaptation, mount the Mn and P-tester on the leaf clip and open the clip. You can now perform the measurement by pressing “measure”. The measurement will take only 3 seconds. 
Immediately after the measurement, data will be transferred to the app, and the fluorescence curve, including the derived plant vitality parameters, will be presented. The data will automatically be transferred to a cloud server, where a set of algorithms predicts the phosphorus concentration of the leaf.