About us
SpectraCrop was founded in 2015 as a university-based "spin-out" from the Department of Plant- and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen. SpectraCrop aims to market handheld devices to determine plant P-status and generel plant vitality, to benefit all branches of the plant production industry. SpectraCrop has developed a unique product for this purpose, which is patented (Patent FAO58WO) in collaboration with University of Copenhagen and Foss Analytics A/S. The developement process is supported by University of Copenhagen and programs offered by Innovation Fund Denmark.
Jens Frydenvang
I have a master's degree in physics, and brought my mathematical background and not least experience with advanced data analysis into the project during my PhD study. The P-tester builds on the results of my PhD thesis and thus represents the strong synergy effects obtained when bringing different scientific disciplines and competences together.
Andreas Carstensen
I am a trained agronomist from the University of Copenhagen, and have worked with plant nutrition throughout my studies. I defended my PhD thesis in 2018, where I studied the effect of phosphorus on photosynthesis, and how knowledge to this process can help us to reveal the bioactive pool of phosphorus in plants. The theoretical understanding behind the P-tester is based on recent years' achievements and to a large degree on my findings.
I have worked with plant nutrition since I started on my Ph.D. for nearly twenty years ago. I have produced more than 100 scientific articles within plant science, and I have always had a strong focus on solid fundamental research with an applied angle for the benefit of agriculture. The newly developed P-tester is based on many years of basic research, published in leading science journals. The P-tester is a major step forward in our efforts to diagnose P deficiency in crops on time, to prevent crop yield reductions and optimize the way we utilize P as a limited natural ressource.
Søren Husted
Professor, PhD